It is very common for the mileage of your car to decrease significantly as it ages. It may also start making louder noises as you drive. These things are not just a function of wear and tear. You can prevent these symptoms and keep your vehicle fuel efficient with a few good maintenance routines.

Keep it clean

Nothing makes your car bellow up smoke and make noises like a dirty air filter. The filter is what keeps dust out of your engine. It makes sure that that air flow is efficient and optimal. Over time it can get easily clogged with dust that will stick to it because of the oil.

  • Buy high quality oil filters in the first place
  • Check them regularly and have them cleaned and oiled
  • If they are not working as intended, don’t hesitate to spend on replacing them

Keeping old oil filters to avoid buying new ones is not a money saving measure. You pay for it dearly with your mileage, as your vehicle uses more fuel to go the same distance.

Curb your speed

It is very tempting to step up on the accelerator when there is a free road ahead with little traffic. However, driving at very high speeds requires much more fuel to travel the same distance.

  • Maintain your speed around 65mph
  • Switch gears more smoothly so extra fuel is not wasted

Consider whether it is really important to get to your destination a few minutes early every day rather than keeping your fuel efficiency at its maximum. You save a few minutes but lose much more value in money for extra gas.

Check tyres and oil

If the tyre pressure is right, your car will run at its best because it will have the least resistance to roads. Because this is such a trivial thing, most drivers forget about it. Keep checking your tyre pressure from a reliable service like fuel solutions Australia every week and maintain it at a constant level. You will not believe just how much you save by this alone.

Using these tips, you will save about 10%-15% fuel. If you think this is just not worth all the trouble, calculate your monthly fuel costs and see how much you save. Now consider what else you can use that money for. All of that trouble you go to for fuel efficiency makes sense now, right?